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Investing in YOU


"The best investment you can make is in yourself."
- Warren Buffet

One of the first questions most people ask is, "how much do the infusions cost?" and although we can understand needing to know the financial investment, the thing we always ask back is what is your struggle currently costing you?

What is your anxiety costing you?
What is your depression costing you?
What is your pain costing you?
What is missing work costing you?
What is being disconnected from family & friends costing you?
What is missing out on your life costing you?

Some of these are real financial costs, but many are debts against your happiness and health. Debts that add up with the interest of shame and regret for a life that you wished you had.

Ketamine treatment is an investment in your mental health. Mental health is self-care, and self-care is not a cost, it's an investment that grows over time and pain dividends that last a lifetime.

Pricing Breakdown:

Cost will depend on which path our Advance Provider feels would work best with your needs. This will be determined during your phone consult with our Advance Provider as we create a custom plan to allow the best results for individual patients. After the path is decided, we can review if discounts can apply to your path.

Insurance, Medicare & HSAs

At this time, ketamine is not covered by insurance. However, since we are a medical mental health clinic, many of the other procedures (office visit, IV, other medications) are covered. We can create you itemized Superbills. This allows you to submit bills to your insurance for reimbursement after your series. Currently, patients are typically able to attain between 30-50% back after treatment. You can also use your HSA (health savings account) or FSA (flexible spending account) to cover all or a portion of the cost for therapy.

What to do if the price FEELS impossible?!?

First off, realize that investing in your health is part of the healing process. The act of committing to the treatment mentally, emotionally, and financially can allow the therapy to work at the deepest level possible. 

Our goal at Illumma is to make ketamine therapy available to as many people as possible and not let financial barriers to stand in the way of anyone's healing. 

  1. We are now working with Advance Care to help more people heal without finances having to make patients put their mental health on the back burner. Advance Care Card is the quickest and easiest way to pay for procedures and treatments not covered by your insurance. Please use the link below to find out more!

  2. Ask for Support from Friends / Family: Those that love you want to see you happy, and asking for support allows the ones closest to you to stand with you in your healing journey. 

Still feel feeling blocked when it comes to how to pay for treatment? Give us a call (512) 686-5935, and we can help you to find a solution. 

You deserve HOPE!
You deserve to HEAL!
You are worth the INVESTMENT!

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